Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Worst Thing About My Sister

Title: The worst thing about my sister
Aurthor: Jacqueline Wilson
Illustrated: Nick Sharratt

I would rate this book 3 and a half out of 5 stars.
I would say its for 9+ readers or maybe a little older.
And it is best suited for girls as its about sisters and most of Jacqueline Wilson's books are.

This is Jacqueline's new book and hasn't been out for long. This is the best Jacqueline Wilson book I have read yet! This book is about two average girls and thier relationship with each other as sister. The book makes you feel a mixture of emotions, happy, sad, funny. Once I started the book I could not put it down.

The only thing that spoils it for me is that on page 209 Melissa (the older sister) says "I think she's seriously retarded."
I am not happy that Jacqueline has wrote that in the book and I don't know why, because earlier in the book on page 121 there is a charector called Mrs Grinstead who looks after children with special needs, and also on page 247 Marty (Martina, the younger sister) thinks "I almost hoped that Melissa would have a little relapse." I also didn't like this. 
And thats why I've gave it 3 and a half stars.

But the ending is very sweet and if you read this book I hope you enjoy it <3   


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